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Welcome to AD Nation. First a small introduction. My name is Lucas Muller I am a Software Engineer from Germany. I graduated in 2007 at the Universität Leipzig. Since then I’ve been testing and launching multiple tracking solutions for mobile devices and my latest project is the AD Nation advanced phone and laptop tracker.

What is a cell phone tracker?

A cell phone tracking software is a project application composed particularly to keep point by point records of the considerable number of activities done on a specific telephone. A percentage of the activities it screens may incorporate all approaching and active calls, messages, social media usage and in addition logs and records of other informing applications, for example, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, and so on.

How does it function?

Not at all like most telephone applications, cell phone trackers take after unmistakable standards on the best way to record and transmit data. For them to work, they first must be introduced on the objective devices (telephones and tablets) before data social event can be done. In spite of the fact that the way they work is the same generally, systems used as a part of gathering data may differ starting with one telephone tracking application then onto the next. When it is introduced, the product sends the obliged data to the organization’s servers from which you can obtain entrance to by signing into your record. Be that as it may, for the application to work legitimately, certain necessities must be held fast to.


  1. The objective telephone ought to be compatible with the application itself. More established telephones may not be fit for running any of the mobile phone following applications accessible available unless the tracker is hardware based. All things considered, it ought to be a chip which is illegal.
  2. The operating system of the objective telephone ought to be good with the application. Continuously guarantee that the application is particularly customized to chip away at your mobile phone’s operating system or else it won’t fill in as it ought to or not in the least.
  3. The objective telephone ought to have the capacity to access the internet. This is on the grounds that the application needs to send accumulated data to the servers and in addition speak with them.

Special features that the target phone should have

As far as how mobile phones are made or work, special features can mean a whole lot of things. This can either be as far as equipment or programming.

As far as hardware, there are no exceptional components that are needed for the application to work since all the work will singularly be taken care of by the application itself and accessible internet connection. Be that as it may, for trackers which are hardware based, they use chips for bugging and no software application, at exactly that point would you consider the hardware angle.

In terms of software however, it will all come down to the operating system that your cell phone uses and the necessities set around the application. A portion of the requirements that your mobile phone may need to meet all together for the application to run easily incorporates establishing your telephone or jail breaking it.

How legal is it?

As much as we all affection to do or purchase certain things, when it is quoted as illegal, now that is the place a great many people adhere to a meaningful boundary.

Tracking another person’s cell phone is generally illegal. It has rules overseeing it. Here are the things you have to know before you introduce a telephone tracker on somebody’s telephone. You can also find more legal info here.

It is legal:

  1. You are the legitimate owner or have lawful power over the telephone that you expect to install the application on. In the event that it has a place with someone else, overlook it in light of the fact that you will be treading in foul waters.
  2. You must advise the individual using the telephone that the telephone being observed. Inability to do as such will lead you to claims if found.

On the off chance that you have minor children, you could install the software on their telephone since you have the legitimate right over the telephone. For employees, on the other hand, you can do that in the event that you have cautioned them ahead of time that the organization telephones are being observed.

Things you should consider when choosing a cell phone tracker

As you may definitely know, the internet is brimming with con artists. Knowing how to keep away from them may be a difficult request for some.

  • Be extremely keen about the organization’s site. An organization’s site says a lot on how the organization functions and works – whether professionally or not. A seriously worked site is sufficient to instruct you to keep away.
  • What are the payment choices that they offer? Is any of them Paypal or Visa? In the event that yes, then it is a genuine organization since your installment is ensured. Turn away when none of the two is benefited to you.
  • A genuine organization ought to offer both cancellation and insurance.
  • Look for an organization that offers assistance and backing to clients when they buy their items and are quick in doing as such.

When you have settled on various organizations, all you will need to do now is to pick the right programming for you. Here are a percentage of the things to search for.

  • Is it compatible with your telephone? This will all rely on upon your telephone’s operating system.
  • Does it address the majority of your issues? Although intended to handle essential things, for example, record or log calls, messages and applications, some may offer much more components. Pick one that has every one of the things that you require.
  • Although the more the components, the better the application is, dependably restrict yourself to what you can manage. Notwithstanding, the value may be inflated because of variables, for example, number of individuals it tracks, duration, level of point of interest or package that you go for.